Heliborne seeks to introduce players to rotary-wing aviation and combat. Players will have the ability to fly a number of helicopters from the 50’s forward in to the year 2000 across a wide range of maps and in a wide range of mission scenarios. Players will be able to take part in a dynamic battlefield where they support the movement of ground forces that fortify positions and create supply lines.

5 Major Mission Maps

Current maps roster include Operation Nguyen Hue and the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, Badakhshan Province and Khost Region in Afghanistan, and Kosovo. All of our maps are “based” on historical conflicts and conflict locations. Apart from that, Heliborne features detailed training polygon map where pilots can make test flights before real battles.

Multiplayer Game modes

Two Principle Game modes: Domination and Frontline. Domination mode is currently active on Badakhshan and Gulf of Tonkin and offers standard capture-the-flag gameplay. Operation Nguyen Hue, Khost Region, and Kosovo represent Frontline mode. As bases are captured by players, ground vehicles spawn in convoys and move across the map to fortify bases and positions.

Solo/Co-op Game modes

Solo/Co-op Sandbox missions with procedurally generated tasks based on Frontline mode are available on the Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Nguyen Hue, Badakhshan Province, and Kosovo maps. They are currently being improved and diversified. Historic Campaign will be available upon full release.

Over 40+ Helicopters, Each with multiple weapons load-outs

The load-outs for each of our helicopters are based entirely on weapons systems that they would have, or did employ in active combat theaters and operations. You won’t see a weapons loadout on our helicopters that is not historically accurate.

Simul-lite/arcade hybrid flight model

Our Flight model melds the best of both worlds, and while being updated regularly, is in a state that we are very happy with. It models over 70 different aspects of flight per helicopter. This includes momentum and inertia dynamics. This system will be expanded on with more realistic flight dynamics as the project grows.

News and Updates

Read more about the development process, in-game events and game updates on Heliborne Steam Community page.

Multiple AI-controlled ground units

Tanks, Troop Carriers, and Anti-Aircraft Artillery vehicles make up the current roster of ground vehicles in Heliborne, more are planned.

Airborne Troops that can be deployed anywhere

MANPADS or “Man-Portable Air Defense system», RPG soldiers and mortar troops are “deploy-able” ground units that players can place anywhere, on any map. Not all helicopters carry these soldiers. Those that can, add a new level to the dynamic battlefield.

3 Classes of Helicopter: Attack, Air-Assault, and Reconnaissance

Scout Helicopters are small, fast, and may or may not carry a small amount of soldiers. Attack Helicopters carry no troops and are dedicated to air-to-air or air-to-ground operations. Air-Assault helicopters typically carry a mix of troops and weapons and can fill multiple roles in combat.

4 Historical Tiers of Rotary Wing Aviation from 1950s to 2000s

Helicopters are widely considered to have “Come of Age” during the Vietnam conflict, and over the following decades, helicopters have become integral to our very way of life. We seek to showcase Rotary wing aviation as it’s evolved over five decades of conflict, support, and development.

Message to Streamers / YouTubers

You own a channel on YouTube, Twitch, or have a blog about games or military stuff and want to cover Heliborne? Team JetCat is absolutely open for cooperation with streamers, video bloggers, and journalists. Contact Ilya Logunov, our Community/PR Manager, to get a press copy of the game and discuss any further assistance you may need.

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