Diana Leer, Raman Ulasau and Ilja Toldayev from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine founded JetCat Games back in 2015 in Vilnius. Heliborne is the first project of the studio; it started actually as a free-time project, but soon they realised its true potential and it started to grow into a full game. Thus JetCat Games was founded to start working full-time on Heliborne; the studio became the first one in Lithuania to receive investment from a local risk fund, and one of the first companies in what would soon become the hub in the whole region for game development. Heliborne was launched in Steam Early Access in February 15th, and in its first month it became a huge success, selling more than 10,000 copies and gathering a strong and enthusiastic community. Now JetCat Games is fully committed to its ultimate goal: to make Heliborne the best helicopter combat arcade game ever created.

Raman Ulasau

Creative Director


    Ilja Toldayev

    Lead Programmer


      Diana Leer

      Lead Artist and Level Designer


        Illia Lahunou

        RU/Eastern EU Community Lead


          Anthony Keeton

          Community and Media Relations Manager




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            Heliborne, the tactical helicopter combat arcade developed by JetCat Games, was released in Steam Early Access on February 15th. Heliborne features the best rotary wing aviation and combat experience: fight against 31 different, historically accurate helicopters with Pilots from all around the world, deploy your troops and help them defend their positions and conquer different maps from historical conflicts!


            Jet Cat Games is not currently seeking full time positions. However, we are still taking applications and portfolios for future positions and internship opportunities. If you are interested, please send your CV, Resume or Portfolio to

            We appreciate your interest in our project.
            -Team JetCat


            Version 0.43 Update

            YjQWOMdyHeliborne version 0.43 update is live. Check out the patch notes on our steam page.

            Version 0.42 Update

            YjQWOMdyHeliborne version 0.42 update is live. Check out the patch notes on our steam page.