Example of joystick setup

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Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X setup by Double Uqly

Cyclic Pitch – Stick Y
Cyclic Pitch – Stick X
Yaw Right – Stick Rotate Right
Yaw Left – Stick Rotate Left
Collective Increase – Throttle Down
Collective Increase – Throttle Up
Fire Main Gun – Trigger 1
Look Right – Hat Right
Look Down Right – Hat Down Right
Look Left – Hat Left
Look Down Left – Hat Down Left
Look Up – Hat Up
Look Up Right – Hat Up Right
Look Up Left – Hat Up Left
Look Down – Hat Down
Look Reset – ST Button
Quick Look Left – Throttle Rocker –
Quick Look Right – Throttle Rocker +
Fire – Stick Thumb Button 2
Next Weapon – Throttle Button 5
Cockpit In/Out – Stick Button 3
Drop Flares – Stick Button 4
Weapons Mode – SE Button
Drop Manpad – Throttle Button 8
Drop RPG – Throttle Button 6
Drop Mortar – Throttle Button 7
Precise Mode – Throttle Button 9
Radio: Enemy Spotted – Throttle Button 10

I also use a Redragon Perdition gaming mouse with 12 side button. I use the mouse side buttons to change helicopters, p/u troops, settings, radio signals, and zoom in and out in 3rd person view.

In the General Settings set the sensitivity to what you are comfortable with.

I hope this will help you if you are using a joystick.