Helicopter types

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Attack helicopter

These helicopters are designed to offer as little attack surface as possible. That’s the reason why the pilot and the gunner don’t sit next to each other but behind one another. The power of the engine is used only to carry the two human beings and a wide range of armaments.

The main workplace of these machines is the front. They take full effect wherever hostiles need to be stopped.


Scout helicopter

These little and agile aircrafts are predestinated to lay low. They’re often overlooked the first time they approach a hostile place until they’re very close.

This combined with the great windows makes them the ideal weapon to discover hostile forces and report to allied forces. That is why you’ll see them most of the time fly nearby targets before attack helicopters fly the actual attack.

It’s understandable that these are often found behind enemy lines. But working as a team with mortar squads this little aircrafts can make a great impact from a save place and over long distance.

As a scout pilot you can:

  • see hostiles earlier than others.
  • mark hostiles.
  • use the mortar observer to order mortar fire to a specific spot.


Transport helicopter

Transport helicopters are the plodders of the battlefield. Whenever soldiers must be moved, it’s their turn. But since there is a wide range of objectives that can be covered with special soldiers, this isn’t a boring job.

First it’s always about time. Once the scout helicopters and attack helicopters have finished their work it’s time for the transport to appear. The goal is to drop the soldiers smooth and clean though these big machines aren’t designed for swift actions.
Second are special soldiers often needed at the front and even behind enemy lines and the biggest aircrafts – and easiest targets in this game – are the transports.
But third: With well trained door gunners whose only job is to search for danger, these heavy machines can also take a significant effect on the front.

As a transport helicopter pilot you can

  • drop troops to capture bases.
  • drop different kinds of special soldiers almost everywhere.
  • let your door gunners do their work.
  • take direct control over the door gunners to hit unusual targets.