How to build a squadron?

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Press the “Create the squadron” button on the Squadrons or Hangar screen.

Type a name into the upper field and use the filters or just pick a helicopter of your choice and let the game deal with the filters automatically. Helicopters that don’t fit to the generation of the chosen ones get grayed out and aren’t clickable.

Right above the list of helicopters, a bar appears that represents the points you have to spend. Each helicopter, armament option and special soldier costs a specific number of points based on its strength.

Select a helicopter of your choice and click either add the highlighted symbol at the bottom or on the new field that appears at the upper left corner. Selected helicopters show up here. You can have up to three helicopters in one squadron.

There are different variants of armaments shown at the right side below the armament options. After you choose one, you might want to add special soldiers. Open the menu by clicking on troops below the armament options.

If you don’t pick any special soldiers, all seats will be filled by normal soldiers.

The Helicopter modifications button will get you back to the menu with the armament options.

You can reconsider every decision you made without removing the helicopter. Just pick another armament option or change the number of special soldiers.

You can also edit all squadrons at any time – unless you joined a battle.

For beginners it’s best to have one helicopter of each type (attack, scout, transport) and two of each with troops.