Mark Hostiles (‘B’)

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Scouts have the ability to mark targets so that other teammates can see them from long distances and engage from a safe range. This nets the scout pilot a TON of points when your teammates kill the targets and you even get the bonus if you kill them yourself so it’s a win-win.

To mark targets:
-Using your bino’s, aim in the direction of blue target icons
-Press ‘B’ (default) to mark targets and radio the position to teammates
-Enemy targets can now be seen by teammates from longer distances for a short period

Proper scouting will make or break your team and often mean the difference between winning and losing. A good team will always have scouts working in coordination with gunships. The technique of pairing a scout helicopter with gunship teams was developed by the US Army during the Vietnam War, calling them Pink Teams. The scouts would fly out and mark the targets with smoke and then the gunships would come in and strafe the target zone.

Pay attention to what helicopters your teammates are flying because too many scouts will mean not enough overall team firepower and having too many gunships will result in them being blind to enemy targets and getting picked off by MANPADS.