Multiplayer Domination and Frontline

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These game modes are separated from the ones described above because of one major difference: Tactical decisions are left for the players, especially in the frontline mode. Both modes work fine with a different number of players. No matter if you want a wild and sometimes chaotic battle in a full match or a focused one on one situation in which each decision counts. But let’s take one at a time.

Domination Mode

This is all about capturing and holding as much bases as possible. Each base gives you a point value over time. If one team reaches the maximum of points the game was won.

Clear the hostile bases and deter the other side of capturing bases and building safe zones. Escort your transport helicopters and give them time and space to do this on your side. Be creative, surprise the other side, try to build traps and invest unexpected draws.

  • A base is captured if some soldier is around. No matter if it’s a normal soldier or a specialist.
  • If the grey circle gets orange the base counts as captured.
  • The percentage is showing how many anti air guns are manned.
  • The spot in the middle turns orange if allied tanks are on site


Frontline Mode

In these battles each bases isn’t important off its own because it’s about leading a convoy to capture the hostile stronghold. Strongholds are the farthermost bases which can call for reinforcements from the off.

Each base can spawn new convoys for each team as long as both kind of troops, vehicles and soldiers, are on site. If the connected bases from such a base are hostile or empty a convoy will move there after some time. The only way to expedite this process is to clear the base and capture it with soldiers. Convoys from connected allied bases will move in immediately, if those bases are able to spawn new convoys.

This means: It is helpful to have all bases captured on your side of the front. But it isn’t necessary. And in special circumstances it might be a good idea to push one lane to the hostile stronghold.

  • A base is captured if all AA guns are occupied (100%) and at least one tank is around.
  • Only then this base can send convoys to connected bases.
  • If there’s a connected hostile base a convoy will approach it when the timer is full. This needs 3 to 4 minutes.