When do armored convoys spawn?

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In Frontline game mode Landing Zones have three levels of control:

  1. captured with infantry only,
  2. reinforced with armored convoy,
  3. completely captured with infantry and reinforced with vehicles.
Armored convoy will move out:

  • from a completely captured LZ once a Landing Zone connected to it is captured by allies


  • automatically to neutral/enemy Landing Zone when it’s ready.

A degree of readiness is indicated with outer ring around the circle under the Landing Zone. Strongholds of both teams are completely captured from the beginning of a battle.

The Gulf of Tonkin and Badakhshan Province maps feature special Landing Zones. The Gulf of Tonkin features two piers (Landing Zones A and B) with boats which will patrol over the map once captured by infantry (three soldiers per boat).
Landing Zones 6 and 7 on Badakhshan Province, once captured, will spawn armored convoys. If the convoy reaches its destination point a team will receive extra victory points.